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Helpful Tax Links

Here are some tax links we hope you will find useful.  Occasionally we will direct you to this page.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Refund Status

Refund Status? You can get it by providing your SSN and a little bit more information on their website.    They ask for three bits of information as an attempt to prove you are really who you say you are.



For access to all forms and publications, including other formats, accessible products, and prior year information see Forms & publications area.


Affordable Care Act - Tax Provisions


This new law completely changes how healthcare affects americans. The Affordable Care Act is a new and very complex law that was first enacted in 2010. While some are still exempted from it, many parts of it are in place now. There are new taxes added to the system to help offset the cost of the act. We can help you sort through this whether it is for yourself or your business.

Tax Time and the Health Care Law: The individual shared responsibility provision requires that you and each member of your family have qualifying health insurance, a health coverage exemption, or make a payment when you file. If you, your spouse and dependents had health insurance coverage all year, you will indicate this by simply checking a box on your tax return. No further action is required. For those who purchased coverage through the Marketplace, you may be eligible for the premium tax credit. It remains to be seen what new changes will come to this fairly new law, if any as we move forward.


Covid-19 Loan information disclosed

Interested in knowing what companies received Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) loans and/or Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) from the Small Business Administration (SBA)? Under a court order, this information was released. The list includes the loan recipient’s name, address, the original loan amount, and the lending institution for all PPP loans of $150,000 or less. A similar list was released in July which included all who received loans for over $150,000.


Government Healthcare

Provides an overview of the new government Health care laws. Follow what is going on with the latest blog postings.


First Gov for nonprofits

The US Government has an area of its website devoted to Nonprofits.  Here you can find information and services for nonprofits, regarding grants, loans; how to get assistance; management and more. 

We will be happy to assist with any tax needs you might have in regards to your nonprofit.



Business USA

So you want to start a business. will help you get started.  It is the U.S. government's official web portal to support business start-ups, growth, financing and exporting. It is designed to provide access to online resources and services of Federal, state, and local Government as well as those of nonprofit and educational organizations supporting businesses.

To that end, We would like to get help you get your accounting on track from the beginning by providing you with the proper training and accounting setup. We'd be happy to help you setup your initial company books and will provide you with a framework that will take the hassle of out of the accounting and let you focus on running your business.


United States Small Business Administration (SBA)

The SBA provides a wealth of information for the up and coming small business owner.  The SBA exists to help americans start, build up, foster and grow their businesses.  It was started in July 1953 by President Eisenhower when he signed the Small Business Act.  The document is available online for everyone to read and is worth the effort if you have the time to do so.




U. S. Department of Labor - EBSA: Health Reform

Employee Benefits Security Administration Health Reform
The Employee Benefits Security Administration ensures the security of the retirement, health and other workplace related benefits workers and families. It develops effective regulations; assists workers, and others. It's going to enforce the law.


Other useful links

We often provide our clients with product in different formats of data and the following links may be of help.  Note, Your Christian CPA, Inc does not sponsor, is not affiliated, and does not endorse any of the products below.  Instead we are providing links to the products below as a courtesy to our clients.


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