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Your Christian CPA Inc. is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and valuable service for our clients. Through the years we have received many unsolicited client testimonials, here are some we have selected:


"Your Christian CPA has been really excellent. We were fully informed and they explained all our filing requirements and tax saving strategies which we were unaware of. They were extremely helpful in preparing our tax returns. "
Emily T.

"Our firm has used Your Christian CPA as our accountant now going on 7 years. We also use them to do our personal tax returns. They are dependable and savvy, especially when it comes to knowing the latest tax code tax saving strategies. Using their strategies, we have managed to give our employees benefits we didn’t know we could afford. "
Andrew L.

"As a voluntary treasurer of a mid-size nonprofit origination, I have found Your Christian CPA to be very helpful and knowledgeable. I am grateful for your hard work and professionalism. Your internet special is so simple. "
Jayden S.

"As a retired civil servant now back in the work force as a consultant, Your Christian CPA was instrumental in helping me minimize my taxes while maximizing my deductions. I now am coming back every year because Your Christian CPA is that great! "
Mia Y.

"I was under an IRS audit for multiple years tax returns which were prepared by another firm. The other firm did not want to help us. Your Christian CPA represented me before the IRS and reduced my IRS tax bill to about $23,000. "
Roberto G.

"I am very thankful I found Your Christian CPA as they have excellent insight and knowledge of the tax law and IRS process. They offer excellent tax planning advice. "
Anna A.

My prior accountant retired so I had to find a new one. It was very easy to work with Your Christian CPA’s internet special. Your Christian CPA has been so reliable, friendly, and efficient in preparing my complicated tax returns.

Braylon L.

"I kept ignoring tax notices and one morning Maryland froze my assets and that same day Your Christian CPA fixed the problem so I could get to my money. They helped me work out a deal with Maryland. Your Christian CPA was instrumental in cutting through the red tape. I am very pleased with them."

Julia D.

"We greatly appreciate your expertise and advice. We are amazed you are always available to answer our requests and inquiries. What a blessing to have a Christian CPA like you. Thank you for everything."

Steven K.

"Your Christian CPA fixed our company books and does the accounting. We save half of what we used to pay our former accounting firm and now we get monthly financial statements. Your Christian CPA is always available for our questions. I value their honesty, integrity and knowledge of the tax law."
Aniyah U.

"I believe Your Christian CPA has a high degree of competence and is my most trusted accounting firm. Their price is much more reasonable than other firms I worked with. I am glad decided to work with your firm."

Dalton N.

"Your Christian CPA has a first-class personal accounting service. They are always available what seems like 24 hours a day. When I need help they are there to answer my questions and have rushed my monthly statement when needed. They are the best value for your hard-earned dollar."

Mary V.

"You are so efficient and friendly to work with. Thank you for being so patient and compassionate to work on my back tax returns. Your price is so affordable and I thank God for finding you on the internet."
Miller H.

"Your Christian CPA helped me get my accounting process set up. They offered me QuickBooks training and provided me with a custom QB template to help get me started. They also provided me with basic business training so I could get my business off to a good start and thwart off any potential IRS red flags."

Rachel Z.

"Wow, I just received my completed tax returns and I will have refunds! Your office is so efficient and friendly. My wife and I truly appreciate your attention to detail, friendly, and efficient approach in preparing our tax returns."
Bruce D.

"Your Christian CPA saved me thousands. The IRS said I owed over $100,000 because I had not filed my taxes for several years. Your Christian CPA took my case, now the IRS has refunded me about $20,000 because Your Christian CPA filed the returns, fought the IRS and won. "

Daisy L.

"We were referred by our pastor. I am grateful for your cost-efficient services. Thank you for helping us obtain our IRS and state compliance for our small charity. We will always recommend you as a trusted and a valued tax advisor."
Michelle D.

"Your Christian CPA greatly reduced what the IRS said I owed. I tried representing myself but the IRS said I owed about $70,000. I then went to Your Christian CPA and after reviewing my case they were able to fight the IRS and reduce my amount due to $35,000. I owe a great thank you to Your Christian CPA."

Hope A.

"I would actually like to thank you for the level of detailed accounting service you provided for my company. Thank you for your continued service at an affordable price. I am so grateful for the Lord guiding us to find your service."

Makayla T.

"Our nonprofit was in danger of losing our 501(c)(3) status. We had tried other firms but no luck. Your Christian CPA helped us from beginning to the end. They guided us through the required state and federal forms and spoke with officials. We couldn’t have done it without their trustworthy help. "
June T.

"We were under an IRS audit, your firm helped and completed the IRS audit timely. We were grateful that your firm provided extremely valuable advice and insight needed. Thank you for your expertise and hard work."

Chaunte C.

"Our non-profit organization has been very happy with Your Christian CPA and would refer other non-profits to your firm. Your Christian CPA has been very reliable and performed all the services in a timely and extremely professional manner."

Danielle B.

"I must thank you for your care, attention to detail, guidance to my business. You are a really nice person to work with and always have a friendly attitude. Thank you for your constant support, advice and services."
Jonathan O.

"We like specifically your internet special service as we have been located in a foreign country for several years. We really like your paperless system. Thank you for your timely, efficient and professional service."

Maddison Y.

We have been doing business with Your Christian CPA for 2 years. I always highly recommend them because they are detail oriented, friendly, efficient. Specially, I thank you for the firm always responds to my questions in a timely and fast manner. "
Cassandra C.

"I truly appreciate your quality of work, promptness in response, and understanding of my needs. I am thankful for you are always willing to help our urgent requests. I highly recommend your firm. "

Raynell P.

"Our company hired Your Christian CPA to perform accounting and tax services 3 years ago. So far, everything has been handled with upmost professionalism. Your firm has extensive knowledge of tax regulations. We are very pleased and will continue to use your services."
Dale F.

"I appreciate all the help you have done for me. I particularly thank you for the recent entity selection to an S corporation. I would highly recommend your services to anyone starting a business."

Carol R.

"I am very fortunate to have your accounting and tax services and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking a Christian, honest, reliable, and knowledgeable accountant firm. Thank you for your support and making everything so simple and easy for me."
Gabriel C.

"It is awesome working with a company which has provided accurate, timely and efficient accounting and tax services for us. I appreciate you firm has always been very timely and responsive to my business’s needs. "
Fred M.