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    Un-Filed past back year taxes

We can file your individual, business, and non-profit past back year tax returns. Want more information? If you are local to the Maryland, DC, Virginia area, schedule your appointment now in our lanham, MD based office and get this resolved.  Otherwise, or if you want to do this through our famous Internet special, give us your contact information and tell us about your filing situation to get started.


Have you received IRS Notices?

Have you received any notices from the IRS?  We will try our best to help you reduce the IRS penalties by filing your back tax returns for you. There are very strict time limits (statutes of limitations) that are imposed by the IRS for receiving refunds. Thus if you are in this situation, it is in your best interest to let us help you get things straightened out with the IRS.  We can help you.  Contact us now to get your situation under control.

Has the IRS  placed a Levy on your stuff?

The IRS is permitted to place a levy on your property to satisfy a tax debt.  This may include the garnishment of your wages, funds in your bank accounts and funds in other types of financial institutions.  The IRS can also seize and sell your vehicle(s), real estate, and other personal property such as rare coins, paintings and other things of value.  Before such things occur the IRS will send you notice(s) to tell you what it is going to do.   If you ignore these notices you will likely experience much stress and loss.